Christian Schools Canada - Strengthening, advancing and supporting Christian education in CanadaChristian Schools Canada’s mandate is to develop and promote a Canadian identity, voice and organization for Christian education based on a Biblical worldview by:


• coordinating projects of service to the participating Canadian school (curriculum projects, professional standards, leadership, staff development, finance, stewardship and development).

• communicating information among primary stake holders: i.e. teachers, principals and boards, using the website/newsletter, and establishing a protocol for the exchange of goods/services.

• having an influence in the public debate on educational development in Canada through membership in national organizations: e.g. Canadian Education Association, and Canadian Council of Ministers in Education.

• monitoring and influencing on-going developments in public policy regarding Christian schools in Canada (taxation and legislation issues).

• being open and committed to partnership arrangements with other national and international Christian educational organizations (CSI, WCS, CPCS, ACSI)

regions2Christian Schools Canada is made up of organizations from three regions:

  • The Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools, (OACS, along with their teachers’ and principals’ associations: EDIFIDE and OCSAA),
  • the Prairie Centre for Christian Education (PCCE)
  • the Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia (SCSBC, along with the regional teachers’/principals’ associations: CTABC and CPABC)

Each of these has, as part of their mandate, the strengthening of Christian schools in their region. To further the cause of Christian education at provincial and national levels, these organizations partner together in a Canada-wide alliance of Christian schools.